Welcome to the Member Enrollment Portal

Congratulations on your choice to call Schaffer’s Mill “home.” Your community includes an amazing private Resort Club as its centerpiece. So that you can be ready to start enjoying all the Club has to offer, we have created this simple online system to help you prepare for your upcoming membership enrollment session.

Simply review the information below and complete the advanced preparation items, and you’ll be ready to go. If you have any questions, please email us.

Step 1: The Enrollment Session

The purpose of the Enrollment Session is to ensure you are set up and ready to start enjoying the Club. During our time together, we will explain and answer questions about the membership, introduce you to all the amenities, talk through the membership documents, clarify the financial commitment to the Club, establish your Member account, and more.

For greater detail, we encourage you to review the sections below in advance.

And if you are interested in a Golf Membership, we’ll go through that together during your Enrollment Session. For now, you’ll complete the process laid out on this page, and we’ll talk through the golf “upgrade” when we’re together.


Part of joining a private Club is understanding how the Club is structured, what benefits you are provided as a Member, and what commitments the Club and its Members make to one another. To that end, our team will take you through the basics of membership. And if you’d like to review anything in advance, you are welcome to visit www.BlueStarMemberDocs.com, select your Club, and then all the applicable documents are available.


We want to make sure you never miss out on any of the action in the community, so we’ll take you through all the ways we communicate with one another. This includes emails like the Daily Digest, which arrives first thing in the morning in your email inbox and provides a full list of all events happening that day at the community, as well as ensuring your login and profile are set up properly in our proprietary Members Only web platform, MySchaffersMill.com. From day one, you’ll be in the know on all that’s happening.


Each Club does have its specific rules, but for the most part, the Clubs operate following the Golden Rule – treat others as you’d like to be treated. That said, we do want to make sure you understand the attire policy, the guest policy, how gratuities work, etc., so we’ll spend some time together talking through the basics. The complete rules will always be available for your review via the “Club Documents” section of MySchaffersMill.com.


One of the best parts of joining the Club is the ability to leave your wallet at home. Just like your favorite destination resort, your Club provides you the option of simply charging to your Member account. Each month you get a statement from the Club, you have a few days to review it, and then we charge your account on file. It’s that easy. And it’s fully secure thanks to our encrypted, PCI-compliant Club management software.

Step 2: Complete Your Documents

So that we can have everything you need prepared prior to your enrollment session, please complete in advance.

Complete Documents

Step 3: Review Frequently Asked Questions

We happily enroll many new Members each year, and when they ask a good question (and they often do), we add it to our FAQ’s list. Check out some questions and answers below.

  • When do I set up my Member Account?

    To keep your financial information safe, we set up all the billing information after we have received your completed Membership Application.

  • When does this process take place?

    The enrollment process generally aligns with your home/homesite closing process. Ideally, we meet sometime within a week or so after your closing. You can schedule an appointment by contacting our Member Services Team.

  • How long will the enrollment take?

    The enrollment session generally takes about 30 minutes; golf membership enrollments tend to take at least an hour. To make sure we have plenty of time with everyone, we always leave ample time between sessions.

  • Is this when I get my mail keys?

    The Club will provide you with a USPS postal form to register your P.O. Box. We will provide you with the keys and show you the location of your box. Please note, it could take up to a few weeks to process the box registration.

  • Is this when I get my gate transponders?

    No. Gate Transponders are issued by the HOA – Granite Peak Management. Please email them to arrange pickup.

  • What if I am interested in a Golf Membership?

    If you’re interested in a golf membership, please just send a note to the membership team and they’ll be sure to prepare accordingly. Everything else talked about on this page still applies; golf is an additional “upgrade.”

  • Am I required to have an account on file?

    In order to train our team to provide the best service and to protect Members from the costs of collecting bad debt, all Members are required to maintain a valid checking account on file. Members may pay however they would like when enjoying the Club, but the account is always there as backup.

  • What if I would like to use a credit card instead of a checking account?

    For an annual administrative fee you may use a credit card on file.

  • The preparation documents say I need a witness, so am I okay to sign and send them in advance?

    Yes, you may sign the documents in advance using the online signature function. When we’re together for your enrollment session, we’ll initial those signatures together as validation, and our team will sign as well.

  • What if I have questions about the documents?

    If you have questions, no problem! You are not required to complete the documents in advance; the enrollment session process just goes more efficiently if you do. You’re welcome to wait to complete anything you’d like while you’re with the team in person at your enrollment session.

  • Is Membership required when you purchase a home?

    The Homestead membership in the Club is a part of the membership in the Association. Therefore, by purchasing a home or homesite you are joining the Association which de facto means you are joining the Club. The net effect is, yes, membership is compulsory, but only due to the nature of the relationship between the Association and the Club. Golf memberships are an optional upgrade.

  • What if I have another adult (beyond the Member and spouse/partner/designate and their children 25 and younger) who would like to have membership privileges?

    There are accommodations for either multiple owners of the same home or additional adults living in the home who may desire Club privileges. Generally, this is handled via a “Designate membership,” which is an option in the Membership Plan that allows an additional membership to be tied to an existing primary membership. The specifics can be discussed at your Membership Enrollment session.

  • When/how are dues charged?

    Homestead Membership dues are charged in advance in conjunction with the HOA dues. Golf dues are collected annually in May.

  • If I want to review all of the membership documentation, where can I do that?

    We have created an online repository for all of the latest versions of the membership documents for Schaffer’s Mill. Simply navigate to https://www.bluestarmemberdocs.com/schaffers-mill/.